Tuesday, 21 May 2024 – Opening of the routine work program of the POSDM Department of UKM-F RISET FISIB, namely Ngopi Candu at Warunk Boedjang Lapoek starting at 20.00 WIB

In order to strengthen the relationship between the management and active members of UKM-F RISET, the POSDM Department presents the Ngopi Candu Work Program as an effort to increase togetherness and strengthen kinship. In addition to active members and administrators, this event was also attended by demissionary brothers and sisters.
The theme we took for Ngopi Candu this time was “Butterfly or Tortoise Students?”. Before the discussion session began, we gave our friends 15 minutes to read the book owned by UKM-F RISET. After the book reading time was over, seniors from batches 20, 21, and 22, as well as Demisioner shared their experiences during their time as students.

In the sharing session, Rahmad Romadlon, head of the POSDM Department of UKM-F RISET, said “I prefer to be a turtle, so it looks more productive. You also know that I like to write, but … you need to know that I write this also because of my own will, not because of UKM-F RISET. Here UKM-F RISET is only a place to develop our abilities.”
Sugiati, Chairperson of UKM-F RISET 2023, said “I agree with adhon’s opinion, that UKM-F RISET is a place to develop abilities. But I disagree about one’s productivity. Actually we cannot measure productivity from whether someone is a turtle or a butterfly, but how he utilizes his time. There are children who do not like organizations, but their interest is in work, that is also productive.”
From this sharing, it can be concluded that whatever our choice, be it a turtle or a butterfly, we can be productive.

With the implementation of this routine Ngopi Candu program, we, the POSDM Department, hope that UKM-F RISET friends can participate in the next Ngopi Candu program meeting so that the relationship between active members and administrators and Demisioner is getting closer.

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